Day 39 of StepBet: Finally, Rain!

Today we woke up again late because we managed to sleep only towards the morning because of the warm weather. We did not do the monthly morning workout, but we managed to have a quick breakfast before leaving for kindergarten. Since it was a pure protein day, I ate 2 boiled eggs, smoked tofu and a cup of coffee with milk.

Towards midday, I managed to finish both Jillian’s workout and the monthly challenge! I was feeling so great after that!

The weather was still not changing although a storm was announced. I never wished for rain so badly like now! 😊

For lunch, I made something fast, not to get more heat in the kitchen: slim veal steak with a yogurt mustard sauce. It was delicious and satisfying. I was not much hungry but a lot thirsty! Got to listen to your body!

Later in the afternoon, I had a quickly made pudding from yogurt, the 2 tablespoons of oat bran and a few drops of liquid stevia, and a second coffee with milk.

Before picking up my loved ones, I also managed to bake some almond muffins with chocolate chips that they like so much. I know, I said I did not want to turn on the oven, but love makes us do such crazy things 😅.

In the evening I was feeling drained of energy, did not want to do much. My husband was with an appetite though, and he convinced me to catch two ‘rabbits’ in the same time: go for a walk to finish the steps goal for the day and also take some grill dishes from a restaurant we like. So I ended up also hungry and with my goal accomplished in no time! Happy to have people around me that motivate me and help me achieve my goals! For the record: I ate grilled chicken with a garlic sauce made by my husband.

After dinner, it finally started raining, and we were so happy for the fresh air and the good night sleep we were going to have!

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