Day 38 of StepBet: Will power!

Today I woke up with the thought in my mind that I have to achieve a power goal for my StepBet challenge!

It was tough to wake up though since the night I couldn’t sleep so much because of the heat and towards the morning when some fresh air was coming inside the room I caught some well-deserved zzzs, but not enough.

For breakfast, I had the same dish as the previous day: oat bran cheesecake with choco sauce. It usually lasts for three days since it has 6 Tablespoons of oat bran in it. In the Dukan diet cruise phase, you are allowed to include daily 2 Tablespoons of oat bran, and it does not matter how or at which time of the day you eat them.

Jillian’s workout and the monthly challenge were quickly finished. It was missing to complete the Power steps day I had my mind set on for the day. Easily said than done though! But the day was just getting started!

For lunch, I met with a friend in the city center. No worries! I chose diet friendly this time: grilled chicken breast, vegetables and sparkling water with a touch of lemon. The catch up took us more than an hour sitting in the restaurant with the lovely view of the central lake and still only 1600 steps! But the day was not finished yet! We had a small adventure chasing another shopper for a dress my friend liked. The only small size the store had was in that lady’s fitting room. Luckily I spotted her husband picking the dress for her and stalked them a little afterward. Since the lady was not happy with the dress, my friend got to try it on, and it was a lovely fit! Plus she has a story to tell now when wearing it! 🙂

With this little adventure, the visit to a couple other stores and the walk towards the kindergarten I managed to accomplish my active steps goal. But this was still not what I wished for!

After dinner, which was spinach with eggs, I pushed myself and was encouraged by my dear husband to take a walk around the neighborhood. Was a good thing also, the weather was starting to be mild, and I enjoyed some fresh winds on my walk. And tadaaa… the power day goal was accomplished! With will and support, we can achieve what we set our minds too!

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