Day 37 of StepBet: Made it!

Today I woke up energized and ready to workout! I was hoping to get my workouts done before noon when high temperatures were predicted.

Breakfast was fast and tasty: the oat bran cheesecake with a bit of choco sauce and of course a coffee with milk, low-fat milk that is!

After the monthly challenge and Jillian’s workout, I started to clean around the house and then quickly took a refreshing shower and prepared lunch: beef burger with horseradish mustard, salad, tomatoes, smoked tofu, boiled egg and cucumber slices.

Later in the afternoon, I had a coffee again. This warm weather is making me very tired and with not so much wish to go out and complete my step goal… Luckily my daughter keeps me accountable, takes me for walks in the park, puts me to dance with her and before you know it the app sends a message to congratulate me on achieving the active goal. Yuhuu… Then another message encouraging me to take more 2000 steps to complete a power day…and I am thinking: really? Are you serious? You want me to sweat even more? 😅

For dinner, I had a quickly made salad with lettuce, boiled egg, tomatoes, smoked tofu and a bit of yogurt, salt, and pepper. I was not so hungry after all and turning on the oven for something else was not a good idea! My family also was satisfied with some sandwiches and fresh orange juice.

I was hoping the nightfall will bring some nice fresh air, but I hardly managed to sleep before midnight…this warm weather is too much for Hamburg!! Let’s hope tomorrow will bring some cold winds 😅.

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