Day 36 of StepBet: Back on Track!

A fresh new week started today. It is the last one form my first StepBet challenge. I am so excited to get to the finish line!

Today I woke up having in mind that I have to get back on track after the last three days of messing with my diet…I did follow through with the workouts, but that is not enough! Therefore after doing the monthly challenge, I had breakfast with my husband: oat bran cheesecake and a coffee with milk.

I also finished Jillian’s workout and had for lunch grilled chicken breast, a boiled egg and some oat bran cheesecake. Later in the afternoon, I had as a snack the fast choco dessert made from cocoa powder, low fat powdered milk and stevia drops and another coffee. I was so tired the whole day although I did not do anything out of the ordinary!

In the afternoon we went to visit an apartment, which we loved. The size and the division of the rooms were perfect! Also, it was on the ground floor, 15 minutes driving from my husband’s office, close to a big shopping center and very important: in a quiet neighborhood. The downside of the visit was the number of people that showed up. And by the looks of it, many were also applying. It is quite hard to find a great flat in Hamburg with fair rent and in a friendly neighborhood! The demand is pretty high! We will get an answer in the following week if we are the new renters of this apartment or not.

After the high protein dinner, I managed to finish also the steps goal for the day by taking another walk to the grocery store! 5 more days to go!

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