Day 32 of StepBet: Lazy!

Today was a lazy hot day.

In the morning we did the monthly challenge and then for breakfast I had 2 boiled eggs and a coffee. I was not so hungry. This heat is making me tired and not so eager to eat sometimes.

My sister was still not in shape, and we decided to stay home. After I left my daughter in kindergarten and my husband at the office, I went grocery shopping and then I finished Jillian’s workout. After a well-deserved shower, I started preparing one of my husband’s favorite pie. Even though I had to turn on the oven, I knew it was worth it since he will be pleased. 🙂 The cake is made of eclair dough, in the middle vanilla pudding mixed with creme fraiche, another layer of eclair pastry and chocolate on top.

For lunch, my sister and I had grilled chicken breast, and extra oven baked french fries for her. I was staring a bit at her chips, I admit 😀, but I did not touch them! Got to get in shape for my cousin’s wedding which is at the end of September. Also before that, we decided to go to Greece, so I hope Jillian’s ‘Bangin’ Bikini Body’ pays off 😀.

My sister was watching tv series all day, but in the evening when it was finally not so warm outside I convinced her to take a long walk since I needed more steps to complete an active day and she needed some fresh air.

For dinner, I had leftover from lunch and also a dessert made from fat-free powdered milk, cacao, and stevia drops. It was enough to calm down my sweet tooth. 😊

One lazy day which turned out to be active towards the end. Tomorrow we are going to walk in the city center, so I am hoping for a power goal achievement and also to the chocolate museum. Fingers crossed that I don’t blow up my diet there!🤣

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