Day 31 of StepBet: New Challenge!

New month, new challenge, new goals!

Today I did not want to go out of bed, it was still fresh outside, we had the window to the bedroom open, and it was so nice to sleep. But it is not weekend yet, so we had to start with the new monthly challenge: plank, horizontal scissor crunches and squats with Arnold press. By the end of this month, we should be able to do 150 seconds plank!

For breakfast, I had eggs, tomatoes, cucumber and a coffee and my husband had still one glass of chocolate almond butter chia seed pudding.

First on my list was grocery shopping. And I had to speed up a bit since I wanted to do Jillian’s workout before going out to the city center with my sister, which at that time was still sleeping.

I managed to do everything around the house that was on my to do list and then my sister and I drove to a Korean restaurant we wanted to try. It was the third time we were going there! Unfortunately, the first time we went, it was closed, and the second time I got a call from the kindergarten, and we had to rush to pick up my daughter, and we only got takeaway which I couldn’t enjoy. Third time should be the lucky one, we were thinking as we were heading today towards the restaurant. And indeed we got to experience there more than an hour Korean barbecue. It was delicious! Of course, it was a detour from my diet, but I did have only a bit of the rice, and I am focused so later in the evening for dinner I had just the oat bran with fat-free yogurt and some stevia drops.

Today I also got in more steps and managed to achieve a power goal for the StepBet game. It is the 5th week, just a bit more and I will finish this!💪🏻 I am thankful for the motivation this challenge gives me, that I can be more active daily even if it is too hot outside to walk.

Unfortunately, my sister was a bit sick in the evening, probably too much walking in this warm weather it was not such a good idea. Hopefully, she will get better soon so she can enjoy the rest days she will be spending with us.

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