Day 30 of StepBet: Achievement!

Today was the last day of the July monthly workout. We did it! 2 minutes plank! Everything was trembling but we are getting stronger, and the next goal is to reach 2min30s plank and then 3 minutes!!! Baby steps and we will get there!

After we finished the workout, my husband and I had breakfast. He enjoyed a chocolate and almond butter chia seed pudding with sour cherries, and I ate eggs with tomatoes and cucumber and a coffee with milk.

It was the warmest day yet, 38 degrees! My daughter also stayed today with my sister and me at home, although she did not have any more symptoms from the stomach bug. But I wanted to make sure that she will eat the right things to get in full shape.

After my little one woke up, she also had breakfast, and we went to the park to enjoy a little the morning freshness until the heat came. We went to the swings and made a big sand mountain. 😊

Coming back home I managed to finish the second day of the ‘Bangin’ Bikini Body’ workout routine and then I enjoyed lunch with the girls. I had grilled chicken with tomatoes and cucumber and a cold coffee with milk and a bit of erythritol.

We then tried to keep as cold as possible. Outside was still impossible to go and even when we went for a walk around 4 PM we were sweating and ready to jump into a pool 😀.

For dinner, we bought a whole grilled chicken, and we ate it with vegetables. After that, I went out with my sister for another walk, to complete the steps goal for the day. Still warm outside, unfortunately. I used to complain that in Hamburg it is cold, and it is raining a lot…I think I won’t complain again!😆

I ended up staying up till 1 AM when it was finally fresh air, and I could sleep. I worked on the blog and also on the morning challenge for August. We have to get to 150 seconds plank! No challenge, no change!

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