Day 29 of StepBet: New workout program!

Last night was a bit rough. My little one woke up at 3 in the morning with fever and stomach pain. We managed to calm her down, to take down the temperature and she fell back asleep in our bed.

In the morning I managed to make an appointment with the doctor, and we found out it was a stomach bug. With a bit of a diet, it will go away, and she should feel better in no time. Today already she did not have pain anymore and also no fever. One more day at home and then she can go again to kindergarten to play with her friends.

Since we woke in the middle of the night, breakfast was a bit later today, and we did not have time to do the monthly challenge. Instead, I enjoyed an oat bran pancake with Dukan nutella: 2 Tbsp low-fat powder milk, cacao and stevia drops and also a coffee. It tasted great, and it was also satisfying.

After the doctor appointment, we came back home. I wanted to take my daughter a bit in the park, but the sun was too intense since it was midday. For lunch, I had oven baked chicken and another coffee milk as dessert.

A bit later I managed to do the new Jillian workout – ‘Bangin’ Bikini Body’ and the monthly challenge. Again I was sweating so much because it was also hot in the house. I did a shower and then managed to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with my girls.

For dinner, I had oven baked chicken again. I know, not too much imagination or diversity, but on this heat, I don’t want to cook so much. Although I did do today some chia seed cookies but were made with love for my family. I can’t wait for tomorrow to eat also vegetables .

Good start of the week since I am on track doing my workouts and following my diet.

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