Day 28 of StepBet: Back on track!

Rest daaay… well not from everything! Because yesterday we were almost all day away from home, I did not manage to do Jillian’s workout. Hence I had to do it today. But with this one, I finished her program made for DietBet! Yuhuuu!

Also like I promised I am back to following the diet after the cheat meals from yesterday. And I will follow two pure protein days. But my meals are effortless because I am not so keen on turning on too oft the oven these hot days.

In the morning I ate an omelet and fat-free cottage cheese and a coffee with milk. It was satisfying.

The rest of the morning I took the girls to the playground of a school nearby. It is quiet there, they have swings, sand and other things to climb on, also shadow and lots of space to take even the tricycle or to let my little one run as she pleases. My husband was doing some work on the computer, and then he prepared lunch for us. For me, it was oven baked chicken.

In the afternoon we all went to a big park, ten minutes away by car where people enjoy to do a barbecue, play football or other outdoor recreational sports, take sun baths and so on. We brought some toys and snacks and enjoyed the weather but in the shadow.

For dinner, I had some oven baked chicken and lots of water again. I drink a lot not necessarily because of the weather but because is healthy and also it is recommended when following a high protein diet.

Tomorrow I start another workout program from Jillian’s app. I have not decided yet which one, but I am sure it will be challenging and keep me in line towards achieving my goals.

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