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Day 27 of StepBet: Pool fun!

Today started with the monthly challenge workout: 2 more days to go! It is not getting easier, but we are getting stronger 💪🏻.

Breakfast was for me a coffee, boiled eggs, and some grilled chicken. We did not have much time to enjoy this meal because we had plans to go to a big place with pools and slides.

We arrived at Arriba Erlebnisbad at 10 in the morning. There we met our friends who also have two kids. We put our towels next to the kid’s pool, and the fun started! My daughter loves to play in the water.

We had some snacks with us, fruits and crackers, but around lunchtime, we decided that we want to enjoy the sunny day and the warm water a bit longer. That means we ate there and I had a cheat day: pizza, french fries and later in the evening ice cream.

We left the pool at around 17:00, it started raining, finally some fresh air 😊. We are all tired after so much time spent playing in the water. Back home, after my little one fell asleep, we played the board game and enjoyed some ice cream. After that, my husband and I had a long walk around the neighborhood and some cocktails. I love the family time when we are all together, but we also need some time alone.

Today it was an enjoyable day spent with family and friends. I did break my diet, but tomorrow I will continue to focus on achieving my goals. Never give up!

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