Day 25 of StepBet: Hot!

Today was again hot for Hamburg.

My husband and I took breakfast after we did our monthly challenge. I ate some smoked fish, boiled eggs and fat-free cottage cheese and of course a coffee.

In the morning I also went with my daughter to her doctor, and after the check-up, he said that I should not worry and also that she needs to drink more water, especially in this weather.

Since it was not so warm yet, we decided to go to the park. My daughter loves the swings and takes advantage that my sister is still with us, to enjoy together the playground.

When we returned home, I started Jillian’s workout. I was sweating so much not only from the exercise routine but also from the heat that was in the house. I couldn’t wait to take a shower.

Lunch was fast and tasty: leftover chicken in the oven and a big cold coffee with milk.

After eating my sister, my daughter and I drove to a Wildpark, thinking there it won’t be so warm, but unfortunately, there was also very warm. We still enjoyed walking around the park, plus I got to achieve my steps goal for the day quickly.

After picking up my husband from work, we all got to enjoy dinner together.

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