Day 20 of DietBet and StepBet: Doctor visit!

Today in the morning we had to go to the hospital as my daughter was coughing all night and I did not want to wait until her pediatrician would open on Monday. Therefore my breakfast was speedy: kefir and a coffee. But the good news was that my little one had nothing too serious, just a virus she probably got it from kindergarten.

When we came back I spent some time with my daughter in the park, she enjoys the swings and playing in the sandbox. Meanwhile, my dear husband went grocery shopping for the meal he prepared for us in the evening: fish in the oven.

Back home I managed to do my monthly challenge workout and Jillian’s workout. And with them could finally rest until Monday! Well, not quite cause I still had to finish the steps of the game, but this I managed to do it a bit later when I had a walk with my sister and daughter.

For lunch, I had chicken with milk, garlic, and sage in the oven and then enjoyed some cheesecake made with oat bran. For dinner, we had oven baked fish prepared by my dear husband. Very tasty, especially when is made with love ️!

Tomorrow we are planning to go the beach, the air there will help my daughter breath better and recover sooner. Plus family road trips are one of my favorite things!

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