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Day 17 of DietBet and StepBet: New Record!

1st day of Cruise phase! I couldn’t resist another day of pure protein, I was feeling very weak, couldn’t sleep well at night at night and the raw vegetables were kind of smiling at me this morning when I opened the fridge :). There was also a long day ahead waiting for me!

After the short monthly challenge workout, my husband and I prepared breakfast, which for me was more than only boiled eggs and no fat cottage cheese this time: I also had some tomatoes and cucumber slices …yupii! And of course, I had a coffee!

I then prepared some snacks for the road! My sister and I were all days walking in the city center, so I had to take food from home to remain on track! I prepared some sandwiches for her, some crackers and water. And for me a boiled egg, a cucumber and 2 slices of the cheesecake I made the previous day.

We first went to Starbucks: I had a low-fat cappuccino and my sister a mango frappuccino and a chocolate cookie. Tempting but luckily I remained firm 💪🏻. We then walked for 20 minutes towards the maritime museum which was opening at 10. We spent around 3 hours there and then when we finally came out we enjoyed our packed lunch near the harbor.

Next, we walked around the harbor a bit, stopped on a bench to check out the ships that were passing by and then headed back to the center of the city. When we arrived there, we found a supermarket where we bought some water and some cut veggies. We then continued checking out some stores my sister was curious about and finally went back to the kindergarten to pick up my daughter. We also met there with my husband.

For dinner, I had grilled chicken breast and a coffee without caffeine.

I was so tired after this walking tour of 21k steps but also very proud of being able to accomplish this! My health app indicates today I walked a total of 15,4 km! Wooow! That should count as a superpower day in my StepBet game! 😀

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