Day 16 of DietBet and StepBet: Challenging!

Today I woke up hungry:). I hurried up to do the monthly challenge just to be able to enjoy breakfast and a cup of coffee. Boiled eggs, smoked salmon and cottage cheese with reduced fat were waiting on my plate. My husband had the delicious almond butter muffin which I have to avoid unfortunately for the time I am doing the Dukan Diet.

After we left my daughter in kindergarten and my husband in his office, my sister and I went shopping. I was again hungry and very thirsty! It was a hot day today. I managed to reach my active steps goal for today due to walking through the stores. Hurray!

By midday, we were back home, and even though I was hungry I managed to do Jillian’s DietBet workout before eating lunch! I am already at week three of this workout, intermediate level. After taking a shower, I finally got to eat some grilled chicken breast and eggs.

To eat my portion of oat bran, I decided to do a fast cheesecake: 500g fat-free cottage cheese, 250ml fat-free yogurt, 6 Tbsp oat bran, a pinch of salt, 1 tsp baking powder and Erythritol to taste. 35 min in the oven at 180 °C and 10 minutes to cool down and it was good to eat :). Even my sister liked it!

After that, I managed to do a few more things around the house, and we were good to go to pick up my little one and my husband.

For dinner, I had again grilled chicken breast and a coffee without caffeine. The coffee is for me like dessert, it helps me keep in line my sweet tooth :). I make espresso, put milk and a bit of erythritol.

This second attack day was a bit difficult, I felt more tired and also irritated. I am still thinking if I should start the cruise tomorrow or make the third attack day.

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