3 in 1 : Shame days!

It all started on Friday when we went to the chocolate museum…not a good thing to do when someone is trying to lose weight… But I wanted to make my sister happy and fulfill her wish of having this experience. Plus, I was confident I can stay strong!

On Friday morning I did the workout challenge, had a protein and vegetable breakfast and then we left for the city center. It was still not 10 when the museum was going to open, so we decided to go first at Starbucks to have a coffee. All good there, no sugar added! 🙂

At the museum the moment the tour started, they bombarded us with chocolate from a fountain. :)) So I said ok, today I will have a cheat day. The tour went on with the story of how chocolate is made, and at every step, we had some ‘horrible’ samples from it. :)) We also got to do our own chocolate. It was a charming experience, but really, if you are on a diet, don’t go there! You won’t be able to refuse. I certainly failed.

Since we had only chocolate for almost two hours, we were then hungry and went to a traditional German restaurant. Although we did not have something typical, we had fish and chips! For sure the Dukan diet does not allow this, but well I said let’s enjoy the last weekend my sister was still here…

I did not do Jillian’s workout on Friday, I was too tired when we arrived home in the evening, but I recovered on Saturday when I did one workout in the morning and one in the afternoon and with that, the first week of ‘Bangin’ Bikini Body’ was finished! I also got in all the steps by Saturday evening to make sure Sunday would be a rest day.

As for the diet…on Saturday for lunch, we had a grill with fries as a takeaway, and we went to a big park to have a picnic. And also on Sunday we were so lazy and ordered the same at home.

It was the last weekend my sister was staying with us, and we made the most out of it! From tomorrow I have to get back on track otherwise the workouts themselves won’t bring me the weight loss I am aiming for!

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